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YarnGurl has done it: YarnGurl has gone digital!!!

See our special notice and link below.

Also, check out our new project kits by clicking on Yarn2Go!

Because of the current situation, it's time for Country Yarns to become bigger than the four walls of our cozy shop. We've known for a while that customers wanted access to online learning and the ability to get help with a sticky project from a remote location.


Through her platform at www., Teresa is now able to bring you 15 year's worth of teaching in the form of instructional video. This is a work in progress, so you will discover new materials each month. One offering Teresa expresses special excitement about is her Knitting 9-1-1. Need assistance with a pattern or a stitch? Ready to give up on a project? Help is just a click away.  Many of us have taken classes only to wish we had a way to review once the weeks have passed and the details have gotten a bit foggy. Three of the four subscriptions in Patreon-Country Yarns allow unlimited access to class videos. Watch as many times as necessary!


Come be part of the Country Yarns tight-knit community online at



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